Strietman visual identity

STRIETMAN, founded by Wouter Strietman, is dedicated to the perfection of espresso making. When approached by STRIETMAN to design the company’s visual identity, my strategy was to communicate the exceptional attention to craftsmanship found in STRIETMAN products – evident in each and every identifiable element. Using highly tactile paper with the logo printed in a PMS copper finish, the communication material is a first introduction to the high end quality of STRIETMAN products. Promotional flyers are printed in sets of 3 – each with their own lay-out and photography. For a specific application or event, an extra layer of information is added by silkscreening on top using white ink. A clean typographic system supports the product photography while the color palette reflects the three main materials STRIETMAN employs – copper, brass and metal.

Featured in:
Start Me Up! New Branding for Businesses, Gestalten, 2015
For Print Only


Vincent-Meertens-Strietman-Identity_01 Strietman-CT1 Vincent-Meertens-Strietman-Identity_02 Vincent-Meertens-Strietman-Identity_03-2 Vincent-Meertens-Strietman-Identity_04 Vincent-Meertens-Strietman-Identity_05 Vincent-Meertens-Strietman-Identity_06 Vincent-Meertens-Strietman-Identity_07 Vincent-Meertens-Strietman-Identity_14 Vincent-Meertens-Strietman-Identity_10 Vincent-Meertens-Strietman-Identity_11 Vincent-Meertens-Strietman-Identity_12 Vincent-Meertens-Strietman-Identity_13