Sacred Hill

Sacred Hill explores and broadens our human imagination by finding correlations between space, perception, the human body and its senses, and superhuman experiences.

The result is a vibrant speculative scene that’s constantly reshaping itself. Sacred Hill is a space created by humans and non-humans, non-living entities and digital life forms, as an emerging form of existence: a new sacred space.

I was asked to create a visual identity inspired by the visual language found in the VR experience itself. Before entering the virtual world you participate in a ritual in which you draw one of 16 different cards; each one based on earth, fire, air and water and force, exploration, portal or data. These are represented by a series of icons and patterns on each card. The card you draw defines your trip into virtual reality. The experience allows you to leave your human body behind, enter a digital space and access an alternate state of mind…

Sacred Hill is a project of Ali Eslami and Klasien van de Zandschulp.

Installation: Mamali Shafahi. Sounds: Arnoud Traa, Shahin Entezami. Graphic Design: Vincent Meertens. Costume: Evita Ative. Scent: Perfume Sucks (Andreas Wilhelm). Photography: LAB8WORKS


Het Nederlands Film Festival 2019. Opening NFF Interactive Expo.
Photo: © 2019, Joke Schut

A still from the VR experience. © Ali Eslami