‘Socrates Sculpture Park and the Architectural League invite emerging architects and designers to apply for the opportunity to build and exhibit a full-scale project around the theme of an architectural folly.’

For this event by the Architectural League in New York I created custom typography which resembles around the idea of a folly. These typographic ‘follies’ are used for the flyer, as an animation on their website and other digital communications.

Designed at Pentagram, New York


Vincent-Meertens_Architectural-League_Folly_1 Vincent-Meertens_Architectural-League_Folly_3 Vincent-Meertens_Architectural-League_Folly_4F Vincent-Meertens_Architectural-League_Folly_5O Vincent-Meertens_Architectural-League_Folly_6L Vincent-Meertens_Architectural-League_Folly_7L Vincent-Meertens_Architectural-League_Folly_8Y