Embassy of Urban Transformation

Folding poster / leaflet design for the Embassy of Urban Transformation, which was hosted by World Design Event during the Dutch Design Week 2017. Printed in silver PMS.

“The future is at our doorstep. We are facing issues that will change the way we shape our cities. At a number of exhibitions and events you will be able to see, hear and experience how revolutionary thinkers respond to large social challenges like changing demographics, social polarization or climate change. How can the transformation of post-war neighborhoods make it possible for people to grow old in their own familiar environment? How can a restored river improve the quality of life in inner city Eindhoven? What can we learn from the participatory process that artist Paul Panhuysen started in his street in the 1970’s? What if London were a National Park City? How would that change the way we see, think about, design, manage and experience our cities?”