BNCQ Identity

Visual identity design for Dutch textile designer Heleen Lamorée. The identity functions as a sub-brand for her new product, BNCQ. BNCQ is a huge pile of pillows which are linked to one another and is the perfect relaxing piece of seating furniture. Available soon on

Product photography by Yolanda Broekhuizen.


BNCQ-Identity-Vincent-Meertens_03 BNCQ-Identity-Vincent-Meertens_04 Vincent-Meertens_BNCQ_identity_05 Vincent-Meertens_BNCQ_identity_06 Vincent-Meertens_BNCQ_identity_07 Vincent-Meertens_BNCQ_identity_10 Vincent-Meertens_BNCQ_identity_09 Vincent-Meertens_BNCQ_identity_08