A typographic title sequence for Freewheel Faces. A very human art experience. A visual identity for the awards for excellence in journalism. Animated posters for a surprising night. Visualizing the uniform flow. Just Don’t Say Yes! Colorful posters for a concert series in a small white Church. An online magazine that keeps changing colors. A visual identity for a theater play. A poster for the Dutch Aeropress Championship. Visualizing the perfection of espresso making. A typographic tribute to the famous Pale Blue Dot. A subjective map of New York City. Espionage Puzzles for NRC newspaper. Programmed typographic experiments. A visual identity highlighting four different aspects of work. A dynamic map based on travel time rather than distance. A huge pile of pillows to relax. Typographic follies. Illustrations created by mathematical formulas. A day into interstellar space.